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Anyone in Sacramento want to trade up to 19" wheels "free"?

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Today I got the call that my car is ready. Unfortunately, I ordered with 18" wheels and it shipped with 19" sport wheels. They're not going to charge me the $1,500 difference. Essentially I'm getting a free upgrade... But I don't want the upgrade. Since I'm buying it for commercial purposes, the 18" wheels work better for me.

So, anyone in or near Sacramento want to upgrade your wheels, "free"?

Tesla says they can't swap the wheels from their own inventory, but they have agreed that if I find someone who wants to swap, they will exchange the wheels on-site at the Rocklin store, and they'll reprogram the TPMS system for both cars, no charge.

Here are the rules if you want to trade up for free:
1) I want the Aero covers included.
2) No road rash on the wheels, or covers, or tire sidewalls. (Please don't show up and say "Oh, that just happened yesterday.")
3) We're also exchanging tires, so I want tires with fewer than 5,000 miles on them. (I'll compare documentation of tire purchase date which should include the odometer to your car's odometer.)

I figure anyone whose wheels meet these criteria will own an almost-new car. If there are several takers, I'll pick the one with the prettiest photos of their existing wheels.

My pickup appointment is Thursday, 9/26/19 at 10am, but it could be changed.

If you're interested but your wheels and tires don't quite meet these criteria, I may entertain taking a bit of cash for the exchange. Message me privately, and I need photos including tire tread wear.

Side note, in case you're curious how this happened: As you probably know, the LR RWD is discontinued in the USA. Well, when I spoke to Tesla Fleet Sales and expressed my desire for one, they informed me they had a few parts left to make fewer than 100 more in September, but they would only sell the last few units for commercial fleets. They informed me that if I put down the refundable deposit, the availability date was undetermined, the specs and price could be subject to change, and there were no promises the car would be built at all. I made the deposit and got on the list. The car is what I asked for, except for the wheels.
Tesla says they can't swap the wheels from their own inventory, but they have agreed that if I find someone who wants to swap, they will exchange the wheels on-site at the Rocklin store, and they'll reprogram the TPMS system for both cars, no charge.

FYI, I got aftermarket wheel and tire package that came with new TPMS. When I put them on the car and started driving it popped up some message like "It looks like you have new wheels... What size are they?" After I answered the question, the tire pressure readings were showing up on the display as usual without reprogramming anything. I think the car can notice and learn that there are new TPMS readings and just adjust to the new wheels automatically. No guarantee, but it seems like it is "smart" that way, and may not need TPMS reprogramming.
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Might be interested also if above offer falls through. Mine have 2800 miles, took delivery on 8/26, have the aero covers which I removed as soon as I bought the car. Also have the "wheel cap kit" for the underlying gray wheels to prettify them. I'm in the East Bay.
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I sold my 19” wheels on Craigslist for $2,100 and bought a set of 18” wheels with 1,000 miles on them from another TMC member $600.

Overnight I got far more responses than I expected. And someone paid you more than Tesla charges for the upgrade huh?

I'm sorry folks, it looks like I was a bit overly-generous in my original post. Apparently a lot of people "hate" their 18" wheels. (Even though they have some advantages, I understand about styling.) I think I latched on to the fact that it's "free to me", but that shouldn't mean I don't get some benefit from it.

So far the best response I have is that someone with immaculate wheels will pay me $500 to do the swap, but his tires have about 5200 miles. A few others have "super-new" tires.

Sorry to backtrack folks, but I think the deal needs to be this:

1) 9/26 is the day of the swap, at the Rocklin CA Tesla location. That's when I get my car and I don't want to make a separate trip.
2) I'd like at least $500 to swap with your immaculate wheels and very few miles on the tires. If your tires have more mileage, (or if you want to beat out others who want to do this) you can offer a bit more. To be clear, I want wheels and covers with no damage at all, tires with lots of rubber.

If interested private message please... and be aware others are messaging me too, so I'll pick my "swapper" by Monday 9/23. (And my commitment to that person WILL be firm.)
To get your best deal you really just need to treat them as two separate transactions. Buy the 18” wheels from someone for the lowest price possible, then sell your 19’s for as much as you can. Trying to do the entire transaction with one person will either force you to inherit tires with more miles than you want or a less than ideal financial transaction. But good luck with it however you end up going.
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While I've seen a lot of Model 3's with tires that held up really well, it is a very heavy car and rear wheel drive. If someone is flooring it off every light there is a chance you'll be surprised by how much life has been taken out of a set with 5,000 miles. I would probably go for someone that has tires under 500 to 750 miles with everything else is show room perfect condition but NO extra cash than someone with tires 1,000+ miles with cash. It's not money out of your pocket, it's doing something nice, and it's far less likely you got someone that started eating rubber away with every green light.
You could also try selling your 19s for $2500 and buying a brand spanking new set of 18s from Tesla for $2,000 and instantly upgrade from the all seasons to the Pilot Sport 4 summer tire. Granted you couldn't take those into freezing conditions, but you would have perfect wheels, balanced and installed by Tesla, and better tires and might still be offering someone a deal on a set of 19s. (This would have to be done over in the market place though, and I would REALLY check with Tesla first to make sure the 18 summer package was in stock... I've been waiting three weeks for 18 inch wheels from Tesla and still no word)