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Anyone knows what 8 red flashes on HPWC means?


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Sep 30, 2015
Seattle area, WA
The manual (for the older HPWC which this is) only goes up to 4 and then it says to contact Tesla for service. This however only happens with the brand new 2018 Model S (48A charger) while working fine with an older car (80A charger) and it used to work just fine with 2017 Model S (also 48A charger). It also only happens when the car completes charging.

Does anyone know what 8 red flashes mean?
Not much help as I don’t know about the eight flashes but did you try to reboot it (flip the breaker it is wired to)? It might just reset although I guess it wouldn’t charge any car. Still, worth a try.
Thanks. I was just thinking of that. Will try tonight (first will try manually lowering to 40A and see if problem still occurs, then reboot the HPWC and see if I can go 48A again). It could be some compatibility thing where Tesla doesn't test charging of new cars with older HPWC's. At least this error only happens on "Charge Complete". I was hoping someone knew what 8 flashes mean (maybe something like "unknown communication command" or something that would help diagnosing why it happens with new car but not old).