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Anyone leasing their Model S in Georgia? I have a couple of questions..

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I'm maybe 2 to 3 weeks away from delivery and need to commit to whether to lease or purchase the vehicle. Reasons for either approach aside, my questions stem from conflicting information from the store, Tesla leasing, and the forums.

Can the Georgia TAVT of 7% be rolled into the payments like other car leases in Georgia, or does it have to be paid separately with Tesla leasing?

Is the TAVT applied to the full value of the vehicle or just to the lease portion? So applied to either $80k for the full cost, or applied to $36k for 3 years of $1k a month in payments

If the TAVT is applied to the full cost of the vehicle, does trading in a vehicle during a lease affect the portion of the MS sale price that is eligible for tax? With a purchase my understanding is that it would work like this; Model S is $80k, Trade in is worth $30k, pay the 7% TAVT on $50k (80 - 50), instead of paying the 7% tax on $80k. I'm curious if this also applies with a lease.

Thanks. Without forums like this one many of us would be lost in our delivery and ownership experiences.
I got an email back from the lease folk at Tesla answering my questions.
- in Georgia the 7% TAVT can be rolled into the lease at the discretion of the dealer. In the case of Tesla is has to be paid separately
- TAVT is applied to the "agreed upon value” aka negotiated aka the full price of the vehicle not on the value of the lease payments over the lease period
- Positive equity in a trade reduces the portion of the cost of the new car that is eligible for TAVT
- Leased vehicles in Georgia are not subject to Sales and Use tax when TAVT has been paid.

hopefully this helps someone else with the same questions