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Anyone notice the flood of used Model 3s?

From what I've seen the used Model 3's seem to come in waves. You'll see from none to maybe 20 or 40 nation wide for a week or so and then suddenly like 150 a day will show up for two or three days, then nothing again.

From what I was told by a Tesla Sr Sales member is that anything that is on the used page will not qualify for the federal tax credit and is truly "used". Inventory vehicles that have been used as show room demo cars or test drive cars will show up as "new" vehicles but with miles on them, those cars usually can qualify for the fed/state tax breaks.

Used could still be a very good deal if they're seven day returns, but usually more so because it's a model that isn't made any more (like a mid range showing up or Long Range RWD) and only has a few hundred miles on it. Otherwise it tends to not be that good of a deal compared to buying completely new, except that you aren't charged a destination fee... though you will be charged a transport fee unless you are local to it or travel out to pick it up.

Edit: Like I see a blue MR for $42,800. a Blue SR+ would be $41,190 from Tesla. Factor in the $1875 fed credit and the price for the blue SR+ is $39,315. That's $3,485 for almost 10% more range and a full premium interior. While not fantastically priced, you CAN NOT get a premium interior for less than $9k extra right now. Sooooo, if you really have your heart set on all the speakers and sub, streaming music, and a little extra range, less than $3500 seems like a steal compared to what you can do with a new car...
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Remember, SR+ is $39k + $1200 destination fee. So you're saving ~$3200, but missing out on at least $1875 (fed credit) and maybe another couple thousand depending on what state you're in. So really you save like $1300 if you're not in a state with additional incentives.

(Now you might get lucky and find a blue or red for that price in which case you save more, but a lot of times you'll see black, which at the time was a no cost paint option)
That's still a $ benefit if you want black, as it costs extra $ now.

So in this case "used" really is "used" in a legal sense?

P.S. That implies that, if they have the nerve to do it, the original 7-day-return person could potentially claim for Fed Tax Credit.

From my understanding, yes. In a legal sense the paperwork was started for these cars at the time of purchase and they were declared with the state as sold. I don't think just because they were returned to Tesla within 7 days that Tesla and/or the state reversed the sale. I think Tesla simply refunds the sale back to the person and shuffles the car off to a 3rd party to get it ready for a used sale. (If you notice, a lot of these cars will show up in Anaheim or New York. I can't remember the company, but occasionally you can see the location on the screen in the pictures and it'll be a car auction house or something. I'm fairly certain Tesla doesn't prepare these cars themselves, even if they promote them on their own web page.)
Here we go...

Notice where “Camelot Golfland” and the position of the two lakes are on both maps. The car appears to be at Manheim California, not Tesla. So while yes, you do deal with Tesla buying a CPO the car has been prepared by a 3rd party and it would be really weird if they go to all this trouble when the car could legally be sold as new... so almost positive these are truly used in the legal sense.

2019 Model 3 | Tesla

That said, I would LOVE to know what gloss enhancer they're using or what final wash/prep step they do. The cars GLOW in the pictures they take!


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