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Anyone planning to use the "Resale Value Guarantee" that's coming up?

Based on the Tesla Updates tab, the guarantee was announced March 2013. That would mean the earliest adopters would be eligible in six months. I'm curious if anyone is planning on exercising their right to this agreement and if so, what will that dollar amount be? I would think after 36-39 months of ownership and the timing of the X release there may be a fair number of people looking for this as a path to upgrade. Here's the first paragraph of the guarantee.

Welcome to the Tesla Family! Your vehicle identified above (“Vehicle”) qualifies for our Resale Value Guarantee(“Guarantee”). We guarantee that your vehicle will have a resale value after 3 years of at least the Guaranteed ResaleValue specified above. This value is equal to 50% of the base purchase price of the 60kWhr Model S at the time of yourpurchase of the Vehicle, plus 43% of the original purchase price for all options including the upgrade to the 85kWhrbattery pack (exclusive of taxes, fees and accessories). During the period between 36 months to 39 months from yourGuarantee Effective Date, you have the option to sell your vehicle to Tesla for the Guaranteed Resale Value. ThisGuarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions:
Have you done the math on your car and compared to CPO prices? I haven't analyzed the CPO prices in depth but off the top of my head it seems like they are being sold for over 50% new value if looking at the 2012/early 2013 models. If that is the case I would think tesla is hoping to buy some cars back. It seems most people when asked state they never want to drive ICE again after driving EV/Tesla so worst case is they are a repeat customer.

Im sure someone has or is willing to analyze the numbers accurately, maybe they will chime in.
I was curious so inquired about current trade-in value of my P85+ (probably the model with the most damaged resale value thanks to P85D and DL). The number they gave me seemed to be on track with that resale guarantee value amount. Maybe even better if I hadn't sunk aftermarket money into the car (paint protection, dashcams, etc). I suspect that at the 3 year mark the actual resale value will be very close to that guaranteed value.