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Anyone seen damage like this to the jack points?

First, the good news - I picked up my Model 3 today and it drives like a dream. The delivery center was great about adjusting the bumper slightly and made the whole experience very pleasant. Unfortunately, when I got my car to my detailers for film installation, I checked out the underside of the car and saw that both front jack points are mangled. I'll try to attach a pic. I'm really confused as to how this would happen. I can't imagine they jacked up the car to adjust the bumper, and if they did wouldn't they have used a big lift?

Anyone seen anything similar or know what would be involved in a fix? I've called the delivery center and sent pics, but am waiting on an answer... Thanks!


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Yeah, thanks. Here's what I'm confused about - as far as I know, this was at the Tesla service center in Springfield. If there is anyone who should know how to lift the car...

I wonder if they kicked it over to a body place to do the bumper adjustment and they lifted it wrong? HIGHLY speculative but I know when I had them (not that SC, but mine out here) remove a small ding I found at delivery, that was actually handled by a third party.
Wow. Adding a note to my delivery checklist - even though I will be checking the underside for loading/unloading damage. Will also be sure to let my film guys know about the potential for this damage.
Thanks for posting the info, sorry for the bad luck.
I wouldn't do film install at this point either. The fewer people who've done something with the car the better. Feel for you. I know it was hard for us to drive the car we had waited 2-1/2 months for to be delivered and go straight for film and wait another week before finally being able to take it home. To spot damage to the car and have to wait longer can't be fun. But look out for yourself and have less of a hassle later.
That's crazy. It doesn't really look like damage from just lifting to me. The jack point is ripped off! Maybe it slid off a jack somehow?
I wonder if the jack points are part of the unibody. If that's the case it's going to have to go to a body shop to be welded...
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I have similar rocker panel damage on both sides, but it's more towards the middle of the car between the front and rear doors. It looks like it scraped during loading or unloading. I noticed a week after I took delivery.

I took pictures and sent them to the service center to document and get it on record. They're ordering parts and will repair at my convenience. I love the car and don't want to give it up!

It's not the emergency that people are making it out to be.


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They're ordering parts and will repair at my convenience. I love the car and don't want to give it up!

It's not the emergency that people are making it out to be.
Good attitude. Things happen. No sense getting too upset, as long as they are addressing in a reasonable fashion. (Easy for me to say, since it's not my baby. :))