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anyone shade their south-facing inverters from the sun?

I have my 2 delta inverters (M8 and M4) mounted on a south facing wall of our house (where the main panel is) and have been thinking about trying to reduce the amount of sun that beats down on them especially during the summer months. I searched but didn't find any discussions about makeshift inverter covers or shades.

Are there any purpose-made inverter covers/shades that folks have looked at or installed?

Found these covers but they are located in Australia: Solar Inverter Covers

Or even using something like a cheap window awning like this? Amazon.com: VINGLI Window Awning Door Canopy, 40" x 40" Window Awning Overhead Door Modern Polycarbonate Cover Outdoor Front Door Patio Canopy UV Rain Snow Sunlight Protection Hollow Sheet/Black: Home Improvement

It's only about 72F right now in the mid afternoon & the inverters are about 97F, but it's more typical that it's in the mid to high 80s and into the 90s here (NorCal - Fremont). Not Arizona hot, but would love to keep the inverters shielded from direct sunlight.

I'm not aware of any purpose made covers, but am interested in what you learn. My Delta M8 is in direct sunlight for a couple of hours each summer morning. I've been meaning to look more closely at the board temps from the M Professional app and see if there is any noticeable correlation between higher inverter temps and lower production.
Take a look at window awnings. I was looking at lowes website for something like that. I also just took a look at amazon, and they also have some items that appear could work well.

Just noticed you already looked at awnings, that would be my first choice and am also looking for ideas. Before installing my second system I had a metal patio cover in the area, but took it down since it was never permitted properly (did not want issues with new solar install). I have all my pool equipment and another inverter in the area so would like to shade all of it. Those poly covers can be linked together so might be my solution.
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What about using a beach umbrella or sunbrella shade to test? Set it up and take the inverter's temp a few times on a sunny day to see how it compares when in full sun.

If it keeps it cooler, you could then figure out the best way to keep it shaded permanently. An awning might work, but a wooden fence-like decorative shade about 3-4 feet away from the house might do the trick and be very simple to build (although might have to conform with HOA guidelines)...

Something like this for example: https://www.lowes.com/pd/HOFT-Solutions-HOFT-Kit-A6-One-73-in-End-Post-Black-and-Hardware/1001844344
Any chance you recorded before and after shade inverter temps? I'm curious how much the shade helps.
I needed to get a little more scientific so though I would share results…

I added some more panels to my system which pretty much maxed out my inverter and it was beginning to have some temperature derating errors (output reduced by about 10% as internal temp was too high - see pic for detail; error time shown with redlines although output was reduced about 15 min in advance)

Thought this warning was a little strange given it was not that warm out but when I measured temp at heat sink on back of inverter it was 150F+. Temp on front of inverter was “only” about 120F.

My non scientific results were as follows…

Shade screen: helped reduce temp by 5-10F as measured on front of inverter (with bigger difference being observed later in day). Heat sink still got very hot and derating still happened (but later in day and for less time so helped).

Added small USB fans: I added a couple of USB fans to pull air across heat sink (added them above inverter as was easier to position) and this really worked. Heat sink max temp was 135F and no derating. Also helped reduce temp on front of inverter by further 10F versus shade only.

Clearly in this derating situation the shading and fan is certainly improving performance but no clear evidence of inverter or Powerwall being more efficient generally but a cooler piece of equipment will hopefully last longer (and will perhaps also be slightly more efficient)


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Mine (Sunny Boy 3x) were installed under the Solar Panels on the ground mounts. They seem to operate fine in the Texas heat. The Panels provide 100% shade.

That’s a nice setup! My Sunny Boy 6.0 was fine when at 80% of max DC size but now at 95%+ so pushing it a little harder. Suspect yours also benefit from free airflow around them where as mine is wall mounted…
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Yea, I’m having a heat problem with mine as well. In the mid afternoon sun on a hot day, the inverter fan is at max and surface temp is pretty hot. It’s on the side of my house with no easy way to affix an awning or solar shade.
Is that covering the inverter? Doesn't look like there is any airflow!
That is a cover on my Enphase solar combiner box.

It is about 3/4" of stand off, open on all four sides, and the shade seems to dump all of the sun input heat load. The specific manufacturer is "Attabox". It has a couple of small stand offs in the middle.

On something as large as a Powerwall, I would up it to an inch or so, but not too much more.. Any heat that makes it through will contribute to a chimney effect to suck warm air up and out. If it were me, I would make a quick prototype out of aluminum, with two or three "L" clips on the top, and bottom, and four or so standoffs in the central area, equidistant from each other and the edges. You would know pretty quickly if it makes a difference.

All the best,


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