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Anyone taken a Model 3 delivery in Iowa?

I configured my Model 3 on 4/16 (no VIN yet) and I'm just looking for information about what the delivery process is like here in Iowa (since we have no service centers in the state).

I've heard I can head to Chicago to pick it up (I'm in Iowa City), but I've also heard they can just deliver it to my home.

I'm just curious to know how it worked for others and if there are any gotcha's to consider (like registration, etc...)


-Ed Hill
@edhillatiowa Hello Ed! Congrats on the config invite! I'm on the Iowa side of the Quad Cities (I'm the person @jgillispie mentioned in his post above) and took delivery in February. I ended up going to Westmont, Illinois for pick up, which is a little past Naperville. I'm actually not sure about delivery, I never even inquired about that from my Inside Sales Advisor. I would bring it up with your ISA for sure if that's what you'd like to try and arrange. I did have a few items that needed addressed after delivery and they came and picked it up with a truck/trailer, then also brought it back when it was done so I don't think delivery is out of the question. (They even brought it back in an enclosed trailer which was a nice touch)

My wife and I rented a car and drove that up there. If you recall we had a nasty winter storm roll through around February 10th so we actually thought about rescheduling. The weather ended up breaking enough for us to make the decision to drive up Friday, stay for the night at a hotel (and go to a nice restaurant for dinner - Fogo de Chao). Saturday we went to the dealership for delivery, then caravan'd the rental and the Model 3 a couple blocks (I picked the rental car company based on proximity to the Tesla location in Westmont!). From there we brought my new car back home!

As for any "gotchas" ... I can't recall anything that gave me pause at all. Everything went pretty smooth. We went there with the car already paid (down payment + loan we'd set up) so we did have some paperwork but it was minimal. They'll give you a temporary tag (which lasts 30 days) and all the paperwork you'll need to take to the DMV to pay tax and registration and get (or transfer) your plates (you don't pay for any of those at delivery).
I'm not recalling anything else worth bringing up here, but could easily just be forgetting. If you think of anything else or have questions, let me know and I'll answer if I can!