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Anyone tried Yokohama Avid Ascend GTs??

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I have them.

They are much better than the stock 18" tire in terms of grip on wet and dry, but they come at a cost. They do make more noise than the stock Michelins, and they are not LRR tires, so I guestimate a loss of around 20-30 Wh from that alone. It's hard for me to make a 100% apples to apples comparison since I have them installed on aftermarket 19" rims (but they are very close to the stock 18" rims in weight)

Also I run them at 42 psi.

PS: Before you run away from these tires because of the Wh power losses, keep in mind these tires have a 720 or so wear rating, which means they will also last longer than the stock tire. So when you factor in tire replacement cost vs the power loss, it's not that black and white when looking at actual out of pocket costs across the tire ownership time period.

I personally like the tire and don't mind the Wh loss since they make up for it in durability. I do dislike the tire noise, but fortunately it's not massively louder, so I can ignore it or just turn on music.
... I guestimate a loss of around 20-30 Wh ...Also I run them at 42 psi....
FWIW, I run mine at 45 psi, same as recommended for the stock 19" wheels, per the Service Center for the Model S (I now see you have a M3). You may get some of that loss back by inflating a little bit more. I was coming from flat out bald 21" turbines, so these have been nothing but an upgrade for me, lol. :)