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Anyone waiting just for white interior? Any expected date?

I got my invite to configure but really wanted white interior w/LR PUP EAP. Is there estimated date or any word when it might be coming. Last official info from Tesla was Fall 17 but they took it off website months ago. Anyone caved and just go for black interior? Losing hope in Tesla making any changes due to their current bottlenecks and challenges. Can secure good financing rates now and will get to enjoy the 3 sooner if I just settle and get black interior.
This guy is!

Last rumor I heard, they're making it available 1 April. Though I think it was actually Q2 and they took that to mean the first day of the quarter. Personally, I'd assume they'll make it available around the same time they release the AWD. Hopefully just another month or two, though we'll see.

Big picture, they have way bigger issues to worry about...so their priorities are correct if they're focused first on hitting 2,500 cars a week and upping the initial quality. Though I know where you're coming from, also holding out on confirming my order solely because of the lack of the white interior.
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It is assuring to see the mention of white interior buried somewhere on the Tesla website. I think the white is a good upsell for those looking at the barebones Model 3. It a great way to sway buyer from textile to pleather. I actually learned the pleather is like Lorica (a polyurethane). The same stuff on my bicycle saddle. Very durable. I am waiting for such a configuration.
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See ETA for Model 3 White and Tan Interior?
The latest rumor from two weeks ago was 3.5 weeks and a premium of $3,500. This was started in the Tesla.com forums and Tesla removed the post. Kim from the Like Tesla had a great video on it.

I heard about that but I don't believe the story or it being a additional $3500 on top of PUP. Maybe in future when model 3 options are separated it will be like the S and X where they charge $3300 to upgrade from textile to vegan but would make no sense to add on to price of pup. I'm waiting till next week and if no news I'll just order with black seats. Feeling that till I have the car I'll keep reading up on news and stuff but once I get the car I will stop looking for news as much and will be able to have more free time for other things and just enjoy the car.
Apart from the demand argument, it just doesn't make any sense that it would cost more than the current black synthetic leather.

It's almost like saying that the standard interior and standard range battery options are in super high demand, so they're going to charge more for those. Ultimately, they're just options and given that they're using the same material on the Model S and X and there's no difference in price between black and white premium seats, it just wouldn't make a lot of sense to suddenly charge more for white.

Perhaps a little more as an option (considering that they're trying to limit options, so the existence of an option is a premium thing in and of itself), but no way anyone but the craziest people are going to pay more than a few hundred bucks for white synthetic leather.
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Apr 5, 2012
We've been able to order our Model 3 for quite a while now - and will continue to wait for a white interior, like we have in our S 100D.

While there have been rumors about when the white interior should be available, we don't have any expectations on how much longer this will take.

We're willing to wait, even if it means we may miss out on getting the full US $7500 tax rebate.

And, if the white interior is delayed much longer, we'll probably decide to wait until we can get the dual motor configuration PLUS white interior...
This was started in the Tesla.com forums and Tesla removed the post.

Tesla did not remove the post, the OP did. He deleted when responses showed that he was just perpetuating speculation. Especially the bit about the extra 3500, which would be ridiculous.

I've been waiting for white since my invite on 1/4 . I've heard the same rumors as everyone else - in a few weeks - which I guess if repeated enough will eventually be true LOL.

It's been torture but will be worth it in the end. :)
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I am also waiting, got my invite a week ago. I posted in the previous white interior thread about the rumor that was posted to Facebook - this came to the Facebook poster from a senior rep in a New York store, when the poster was there to see a Model 3. As I posted in the other thread, there's no guarantee that sales reps have any inside info so this is to be taken with a big grain of salt, but the claim at that time was 3 weeks, which works out to about April 7. A price premium was not mentioned, and I don't expect it to be more than the black version.


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Sep 22, 2015
Omaha, NE

We're willing to wait, even if it means we may miss out on getting the full US $7500 tax rebate.

And, if the white interior is delayed much longer, we'll probably decide to wait until we can get the dual motor configuration PLUS white interior...

If it comes to this I would wait until about 10 weeks before the $7,500 expiration and order the Tsportline white seats. It would save you $1,000 to $1,200 and you would have unique seats and earlier. The only downside would be if they are a lower quality but by then we should have some solid reviews. The other downside might be the dash color and door's not being white.

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