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Anyone who went from a P90DL to a P100DL

Need advice:

I can find really good deals on 2016 P90DL's (with V3 battery, now below my original budget).

I figure it's about 6 months until the P100DL's fall into my price range.

Anyone who has made the switch, what say you? Am I giving up that much speed/range/highway acceleration?

Much appreciated!
I thought about it but frankly it’s just not worth the upgrade/cost/time to either swap batteries, or sell/buy a new P100DL. Difference is so so marginal, and I barely ever go full throttle anyway.....just made no sense to do it.
If you're planning on keeping the car for awhile, I'd avoid the 90 and its degradation issues altogether and wait for a P100D to get into your price range. If you're only keeping it for a few years might as well get the 90 and save a couple bucks.
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There are P90DL Facelift with V3 battery on AP1 - there was a small window, although most would have switched their order to P100D I imagine. I doubt there are any P90DL with EAP/AP2 but I could be wrong.

But either way. when you the P100D is in your price bracket, the P90DL will be even cheaper - there is always likely to be a 15-20% difference in price - its a matter of whether it's worth it to you.
I looked at P90D's as well before I bought my P100D. Not only did I learn about the issue with V1/V2 batteries vs V3 but they still suffer from significant more degradation. The P100D is more robust system with better designed cooling.

Max power for a P90D is just over 500kw vs over 580kw for the P100D. That power difference isn't that noticeable on the low end. Going from 2.8 seconds to 2.4/5 seconds isn't as noticeable as the acceleration on the high end (highway acceleration).
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I think you are wrong. Typical is based on circa 300wh/m in a 90D and 330wh/m in a P90D. 242 miles at 330 is circa 80kwh, if it was meant to be 270 miles it would be 89kwh and the 90 battery has never had that capacity available.

I’ve owned both
Search the TONS of data on this forum and you'll see 242 IS degradation. Find a user named "Walta" who reported 241 and got his battery changed from a V1 to a V3 FOR RANGE DEGRADATION.

Just because you bought into Tesla's "that's normal" explanation, doesn't mean everybody did. Those who argued got new batteries.... (hint: they tell EVERYONE it's normal, and then only attend to the squeeky wheels).