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Tessy Flyer

Jan 28, 2017
Port Orange, FL
I just picked up my new S90D Wednesday 1/25/17 with the new the new hardware. The delivery was delayed because they were downloading the 8.0 software. The features are very limited while Tesla is gaining driving data. This is what I am told it will and won't do:

Here is what was included on the update yesterday:

-Forward collision warning
-Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC) limited to 75 mph
-TACC Automatic Emergency Braking
-Low-Speed Autosteer (up to 45 mph)​

Here is what it to come in the future:

-Automatic windshield wipers
-Automatic high beam headlights
-Full-time automatic emergency braking
-Side collision warning
-Side collision avoidance
-Lane departure warning
-High Speed Autosteer
-Auto lane change

When I picked the care up, none of the features worked yet, I was told they would after I drove a while and the cameras calibrated themselves. After a day, the features did start to come alive. The features that are suppose to work now, do.

I have the annoying problem of the driver screen going black occasionally. Seems to be every other time when I get in to drive. There is a reset process (reboot) to bring it back that only takes a minute or so, but still annoying, and also embarrassing if you are showing the car to a friend. I realize this will eventually be fixed as new software releases come out.

Although we were never told about the features that would not work yet (we were expecting everything that worked on previous models would work on our new car), we are only mildly disappointed. With the features as they are now, this is still the most advanced, safest, most comfortable, best looking, and most fun to drive car I have ever owned. So I am being patient, and waiting till the new features are tested properly and installed when determined to be safe!

A personal experience: Driving NE on I4 from Disney to Daytona yesterday, I used the autosteer (traffic is always slow on I4 around Orlando, so the 45mph limitation was not an issue). At one point the autosteer started moving the car a little to the right shoulder. I brought it back to the center of the lane (which disconnected it) thinking something went wrong. But then I noticed the truck next to me was drifting into my lane. I know I would have noticed and moved to the right myself and would never had been a problem, but it was amazing to realize that the Tesla noticed this before I did and took action. I believe this was the experience that welcomed me to this new era of driving.
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Apr 3, 2016
grand rapids mi
I've had the update for a week. It keeps saying it won't work on this road or I'm going too fast.
Adaptive cruise is not every smooth.
I have the car/lane dance thing going on.
No auto wipers, cruise only let's me do 5 mph over
I had a false collision alert and the system has issues with off ramps and cars exiting while you're going straight. Was a problem slowing quickly in the middle of the highway for no reason but luckily not many others around.

My alert system in my Cadillac CTS is much better. If this was a final product I'd be very upset. Since it's going to get better every month, I have no worries. I'd rather have a poorly working product that keeps getting better than a static one. I plan on keeping my S for a long time.


Active Member
Nov 21, 2016
Chicago, IL
There is no "TACC Automatic Emergency Braking." TACC will slow you down and brake but it is NOT AEB which is a separate feature that will be rolled out much later and doesn't rely on TACC being engaged (its an active safety feature).

I think instead of necroing this very old thread, contribute to the SEVERAL other AP2 threads. They have a wealth of knowledge for new owners and can clear up misconceptions. I've posted a 5 minute video in a thread that shows Autosteer works great under the current limited conditions and they will improve quickly. I believe once we achieve parity with AP1 systems, we can confidently rely on the features. Until then you've gotta be really careful. False FCWs are better than not having them but if you have a close following vehicle, you have to tap your accelerator to bypass the emergency slowdown that occurs (or you might be rear ended).

There are many limitations to TACC that any AP2 HW owner should be familiar with before they actually rely on TACC or A/S. The number one thing to keep in mind is that this is not the autonomous full self driving technology that will eventually be activated. This is very much a driver assist and the intelligence of the system is based on rules and limitations that the driver must operate within.


Active Member
Nov 21, 2016
Chicago, IL
Croman, I had TACC going, not AP and on the highway it braked hard and beeped like crazy.

That is FCW (the beeping). The hard braking isn't automatic emergency braking (per se), but rather TACC doing its usual thing. It senses you need to slow down to maintain a safe distance (whichever you set). The greater your following distance setting, the less harsh the braking but the greater the distance and more cars will be "invited to cut in." Play around with what makes you the most comfortable. I started at 3 but have decided 1 is best for me (it is about 3 seconds behind the target car at 1 for me). In bad weather I usually avoid using TACC or keep a greater following distance.


Active Member
Nov 21, 2016
Chicago, IL
Also check your FCW settings. I have mine set to early because I'd rather get the warning and deal with it but if you don't like FCW or don't want to be affected by the current bonanza of false FCW, you can set it to a later warning mode which means you have to react quicker in real situations but might avoid some of the early FCW false positives. YMMV.

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