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App Question

Hi all

I'm new to Tesla Powerwall but not new to solar and storage. I have 4 Powerwalls and will soon have about 20 kW of production connected (I currently only have about 6 kW connected). After a few weeks of monitoring the app, I have some questions about the way the data is presented. in the data presentation, my production seems to be being added to my consumption. For example, the image below was taken on a rainy day with very little solar production. The increased mid-day consumption is due to pool pumps coming on. Everything is normal.


However, the next day, which was partly cloudy, the ups and downs of production are being added directly to consumption. It's very noticeable in the image below. Ignore the morning spike because we were charging the Model 3.

In my way of thinking, production shouldn't be combined with consumption. Is this normal for everyone else, or is something connected wrong. I've called it into Tesla, and they escalated it, but I haven't heard anything back and I was wondering if this is just a normal bug. Thanks in advance for any feedback.