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Apple is reportedly considering teaming up with BMW to build an electric car.

Apple has reportedly been in talks with BMW about using its i3 vehicle as the basis of an electric car, according to German-language publication Manager Magazin (translation).
Since February, there has been a slew of reports about Apple's interest in the automotive industry. It reportedly has hundreds of employees working on the project, codenamed "Project Titan." There's no guarantee that we will ever see a commercial release, but the Cupertino company is clearly increasingly interested in the space.
What is being missed in this discussion is that - Apple is probably interested in CF rather than i3 per se.

How would you like to buy a Model 3 type car - but one with CF ?

Apple certainly has the money to create a much bigger "supercharger" network than Tesla.
What's CF?
Apple has lots of money... but not time to design a car, build a factory and charger network.
They'd have to make it a lot less ugly than the BMW version.
What if they where actually interested in the i8? :smile:

What is being missed in this discussion is that - Apple is probably interested in CF rather than i3 per se.
Yep, my thoughts exactly. If Apple were building a car they wouldn't be looking to reproduce the i3 (or i8)--they prefer their own designs. But the BMW all carbon fiber light weight chassis is something worth looking at. Tesla and any other EV manufacturer should be looking as well. The i3 is the most efficient car on the road for a reason--and it isn't BMW's electric drivetrain or cutting edge aerodynamics. It's all about the weight.

Also consider that Apple may be looking to build non-car parts out of carbon fiber as well. BMW's carbon fiber process is worth a look.
Carbon fiber is an awesome material - but mostly hand-laid today. Boeing and BMW are both doing a lot of work in figuring out how to make parts more like injection molding. Boeing in particular is working on how to recycle and reuse the resins as well as fibers, so keeping those materials out of landfills (notice you never see aluminum lying around a landfill $$$).
When Apple licences access to Tesla's sc network it will be a huge deal (very good for Tesla and for Apple). Apple will sell a ton of cars, because Apple could sell sand in the desert, and i just don't see them trying to build a competing charging network. Tesla can use the cash infusion to build out the network at record speeds.