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Vendor APR's Carbon Fiber Parts Relased for Model S!

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Bulletproof Automotive strives to offer all aftermarket options for Model S customization and we are first to introduce to you the new APR parts for the Tesla. APR has a background in modifying imported cars and price their parts at good value price points. This is their first attempt at the Tesla. What do you think of the APR Tesla parts?


We are beginning to take pre-orders now and we have a price match guarantee of course as always on all parts!!!

Here are some APR parts previously issued!

Totoya Celica Kit:


Infiniti G35 Kit:


I work with carbon fiber aircraft parts every day. Carbon fiber's material properties are unique and well suited to handling a wide range of very demanding structural loads, and it holds up well in some environments that are very damaging to metallic components. However, in applications where its only property of interest is its appearance, it leaves me a bit cold, I'm afraid.

But that's just my own personal taste. From what I can see in the photos, the parts appear to fit well on the car, so for those whose "thing" is the carbon weave look, they're probably a cool thing to have.

Good luck with your new product line!
Sorry but to me it cheapens it making it look like a tuner Tesla. Maybe if it were more subtle where it isn't the focal point previously mentioned.
I think it's the gloss finish I don't like. I would probably like the pieces if there was a satin or matte finish like the Tesla spoiler and interior trim option.