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Are prices coming down?

I have been watching EV-CPO and noticed some of the model S cars are being listed for $30k and even saw one for $21k. Is Tesla finally bringing their prices down?

Also, any idea on the best time to look for Teslas on EV-CPO? I’m not for sure going to purchase, but if I could get one for a good price then I just might!
There seems to be a lot of traffic at the end of the quarter. I started shopping in early September and really saw a lot of activity on the site towards the end of the month. It seems to have slowed down a bit since we entered October, but maybe that's just my perception.
Going back over a year there is no known trends backed up by factual data. Just a bunch of people on forums trying to seem smart pretending like they know it has something to do with quarterly financials when the data doesn't support this in the least. If anything the data proves that there is no trend tied to the quarterly/year beginning/end as historically it could go either direction... just like any other time of the month.
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