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Are Reservations Transferable?

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I reserved my Model 3 at the end of May 2017. My delivery estimator says beginning of 2019. I need to get a car now and was wondering if there’s someone who’s delivery is expected in the next few months and would like to swap for a later date. I’m not sure if Tesla will allow this but thought I’d ask.
Well , this is a deep subject and if you believed all the literature when the reservations began, the answer is no, but with all that's gone on since Tesla made the rules , U .S. reservations and owners of and S,X or ? can now get there's before supposed international orders , I.e. my dad has an S, so I ordered on his account , then swapped to my account , and I got to build and 2 weeks I get mine , and so on . who the hell knows what the rules are anymore. All I know is that I ordered 6 April 2016 and its anyone's guess when I might ever see one or Tesla' goes bust! Not very fair .
.. . who the hell knows what the rules are anymore. ...
Everyone knows what the rules are.
The rules are registrations are not transferable. The only exception is to a family member. So it was within the rules for your father to transfer the car/reservation to you.

To the OP, if you no longer plan to get the Model 3, cancel your reservation, get your $1000 and let those in line behind you get theirs a tiny bit sooner.