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Are Tesla solar roofs being installed? [in North Carolina]

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I ordered a Tesla solar roof (not panels) March 1, 2022.
I need to get the roof replaced on my house. Insurance will not insure the house with the current roof.

I thought I had plenty of time, however Tesla has at various points told me that there are no solar roof installs going on this year. I have not hear any news from Tesla, no status updates. Whenever I ask they only say there is no update. We have a GAF solar roof scheduled to be installed in two weeks and I keep trying to give Tesla a chance, but I never get a response other than no update on potential install date.

Are others experiencing similar issues? I had seen a story a while back that Tesla was testing a newer iteration of the Tesla solar roof with employees and was holding up installs pending results of the test. But I have not seen any follow up nor confirmation this was true.

Is there any magic to getting a Tesla solar roof scheduled?
my friend had a solar roof on order since feburary. and last month he receives an email stating they wont move forward with the install as they blame it on the town. Hes order got cancelled and he receives his deposit back. A 3rd party install was going to be twice as much