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Are the updates cumulative?


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Aug 1, 2015
Today I received 2018.14.2. What is possibly curious is that I had been on 2018.6.1, and never received 2018.10 or 2018.12. The release notes mention only the new location for the owner's manual link, and the additional controls for the phone app (hood and trunk).

So, I would like to assume that I have also received whatever was done by 2018.10 (updated MCU?) and 2018.12 (navigation?), but is that a valid assumption?
My car is too far from my house to connect to my home WiFi, so I doubt I will get the new maps, unless the service center installs them when the car goes in for service next week.

Yes the updates should be cumulative. The versioning required for what you describe would be insane.

Although even if you're on the latest version certain features may be disabled [but still in the software] until remotely enabled (eg: navigation delayed rollout). This is popular because if something goes wrong they can quickly switch back to old navigation without sending out mass updates.
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