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Are there any Teslas in South America?

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I've considered taking mine to Ecuador, but given the issues noted elsewhere (and that I've experienced personally) with service and with, in particular, the ESA verbiage, I'm probably not going to do that. It's a shame, since Ecuador just committed to a national EV infrastructure strategy in partnership with China. Ecuador, for those unaware, perennially ranks in the top 5 expatriation destinations list for Americans.

Unlike, for example, Taiwan, where service is provided via agreement with certain Mercedes and Lamborghini dealerships (and presumably, air freight), *if* service was available in Ecuador, it would probably be in exactly one city (the capitol) and then, parts-wise, subject to myriad import-related costs and delays. So that's not particularly compelling either. Finally, for those considering expatriation, either full-time or part-time, do note that your lender might have a bit of a cow as well. It's typically best to use a more... aware lender or to just keep larger assets free and clear as possible.