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Are there review cars out there yet?

Unless Elon lends out his Vin #1 X to these outlets for longer drives and testing (as he did with his Vin #2 S three years ago), it may be a while before we see more elaborate reports.

Strangely, there's no mention yet of "Get Amped"-style test drive events for customers for the X as they did in many cities for the S in the fall of 2012. They are seemingly expecting/hoping for the Sig and early General Production res holders to confirm without a test drive.
We're not as big as the large car & tech sites, but we're clearly on Tesla's press list & radar (have been contacted personally a number of times). About a month ago, I asked about a review/loaner X at the end of October when I'll be in Florida presenting at this EV conference (I don't live in the States right now, am coming over from Poland for it). They said they wouldn't have review cars by that time.

Of course, location is another matter beyond size of the outlet (e.g., California gets review EVs before Florida), but I'm assuming it'll still be awhile before there are any, even for outlets like Motor Trend. It seems the 6 Founder Series Xs were the ones being test driven at the launch... sort of wish I had gotten a flight over to Cali for that, but surely a "greener" decision to not spend ~30 hours in the air for a short test drive. :p

Please do let me know if you hear anything about review cars!! :D
I imagine the reason for no MX test drives yet is that they're prioritizing sig production, and also because they have a 9+ month backlog to get through and thus aren't hurting for orders, or would be too terribly concerned over owners who would cancel without a drive first.

They didn't have this problem three years ago :p
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