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Arghh, last min change

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My order completes tomorrow and after visiting my SC at the weekend ive got to change my order, So i've ordered a pearl white with Black interior but at the weekend i was poking around a Obsidian Black MX P100D with the black 22's...

Boy of boy that thing looked amazing even better than the white so before the chime of midnight I'm switching to black, unable to afford the switch to a P100D but let's hope i don't change my mind again... lol

All Black inside and out looks evil.... I like it.
You can always wrap it... after ten years with a rock chipped BMW, I love my Suntek'd Blue X. Impervious to bird attack and then you can change the color as you wish! :D

If you've not seen Erik's white S with the fluorescent green wrap, it shows you the possibilities.

Ah, from all colors to no color. I had always liked white cars so back in the days I settled for a black one and every time I saw a white car of the same model I said to myself I wish I've gotten the white. Hopefully you don't end up that way.

Now, time to change your signature!