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Arizona P85D - Paint Correction and Protection - Life Time Paint Warranty

Discussion in 'Mountain/Southwest' started by Bulldog Kyle, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Bulldog Kyle

    Bulldog Kyle Local Vendor - Mountain/Southwest

    Feb 27, 2015
    Arizona, United States
    P85D Correction and Coating

    The car was initially inspected by Tesla North Scottsdale and sent to me for proper correction and coating. The customer had complained that excessive build up of dirt, tar and brake dust were a real concern. They also felt like they had to wash the car too often especially on the wheels and lower half of the paint. In addition to harsh wash marks, scratches, and cost and time of taking it through the car wash. After inspecting the vehicle and giving several custom, detailed options, we decided that a custom Gold package with an annual wash membership was the best value for their lifestyle and time availability. A Gold Package includes a lifetime warranty on all of the exterior paint work. They opted out of paint protection film. We also added a wheel off coating and complete glass/mirror coating. 3M Crystalline tint is being installed next week, including windshield.

    Wash and Decontamination (aka decon)
    - 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Spray wheel safe cleaner like Sonax Full Effect or AmeriRid. Let dwell (adequate chemical working time) until properly decontaminated. I use my wheel woolies to scrub clean the barrels as best as possible before wheel removal. At this time I deep clean the tires using a diluted Omni-Clean and stiff bristle brush, bringing the tire to a natural, completely clean and decontaminated rubber surface. A completely decontaminated tire is necessary to achieve the best look and longest lasting effects of any tire coating or rubber enhancement product.

    View attachment 79539 View attachment 79540 View attachment 79541

    - Once the wheels and tires have their initial deep cleaning, I proceed to the rest of the vehicle. Spraying degreaser, tar remover and iron remover to all of the affected areas on the body. Iron decontamination is applied to entire vehicle to help remove all embedded iron particulates. Entire vehicle gets rinsed off using filtered water and adequate pressure. The body gets soaped and the 2 bucket method of washing continues, then thoroughly rinsed again. The body then gets a dense foam soap bath to mechanically decontaminate (Clay) the painted, glass and chrome surfaces safely. Claying removes other embedded particulates other than iron. Once vehicle is completely smooth and removed of all harmful and degrading contaminates, the final rinse takes place. These steps are necessary to remove anything on the exterior surface that can diminish the look of your paint or the lasting effect of any wax, sealant or especially coating. Entire vehicle gets dried using a soft waffle weave microfiber towel and all cracks and crevices are completely dried using warm, filtered, compressed air. Once completely dry, the car gets rolled into the garage, where various lights and specialized equipment have been waiting to go to work.
    View attachment 79532

    - At this time, the car gets jacked up. The wheels are safely removed and the wheel wells and wheels are further cleaned, using diluted Iso Propyl Alcohol and wax and grease remover. The wheels are then coated with Ceramic Pro Strong and the Tire’s have two coats of Black Pearl applied. Leaving a dry, glossy, protected rubber that will last up to 6 months. Ceramic Pro Strong is a great wheel coating, 20 to 40X the strength of a normal ceramic coating, sure to hold up to heat, road acids and excessive brake dust. Making it far less likely for the wheels barrels and faces to etch or get excessively dirty.
    View attachment 79535 View attachment 79544 View attachment 79537 View attachment 79545 View attachment 79536

    - The paint gets thoroughly inspected. First in full lighting, and then the lights go out to inspect further with my inspections light. This paint had excessive etched-in water spots, a few dust nibs and various wash and swirl marks all over the paint’s surface. Even though this Tesla was less than a month old, the drive through car washes, fallout, and inferior water (sprinklers or car wash water) and bird droppings had already taken their toll. All dust nibs (dust embedded in paint) removed using a special 1500 grit and 2000 grit de-nibbing tool by 3M. I remove all glue residues from shipping and excessive window adhesive. I do 3 test spot panels on the hood and trunk to determine which correction process has the best, glossiest look. Once determined, the necessary cutting and polishing steps immediately take place while the wheels and tires cure in a safe and dust free environment. The initial cutting step was the most intensive and the most necessary of all of the correction steps. The following 2 polishing steps were necessary to get the glossiest, deepest look possible, making the White glow and the pearl pop. I was very happy with the results. All nooks and crannies get steamed cleaned, removing all possible polishing dust from emblems and other crevices.
    View attachment 79533 View attachment 79543 View attachment 79542

    - At this time all glass and plastic was prepped with IPA and silicone remover. Then coated with Ceramic Pro Light and Ceramic Pro Rain (2 coats each), including the wheel well liners. The fabric liners were protected with 2 coats of Fabric Guard prior to the plastic ones.
    View attachment 79534

    - After all of the glass and plastic were protected, I completed an IPA wipe down the paint and chrome, including the door jambs. I then follow with a wax and grease remover, ensuring a completely clean and dust free surface prior to coating. Then the extensive exterior coating begins, applying Ceramic Pro 9H round and round checking each panel with different variances of light and lighting angles, verifying there are no “high spots” or “streaks” before going to the next panel, and the next coat. It is a very extensive and detailed procedure. If there are high spots, they will stay until polished or compounded out because it is a hard, cured ceramic coating. So, it needs to be taken care of the first time, the right way. I applied 6 coats of Ceramic Pro 9H to the body, followed by 2 coats of Ceramic Pro Light. The Door Jambs receive one coat of Ceramic Pro Light.
    View attachment 79538

    -I clean the wiper blades with a heavily diluted IPA or glass cleaner solution followed by wax and grease remover, removing all grime and decontaminating the rubber and metal. I then apply a couple coats Ceramic Pro Sport to condition the rubber, helping it glide across the glass easier and preventing further grim build up.
    View attachment 79546

    Products used- Meguires 105 with a Meguires burgundy microfiber cutting pad.
    - Meguires 205 with a Meguires burgundy Foam cutting pad.
    - Meguires 205 and Menzerna a small amount of 4500 mix with spray mix and Meguires Yellow Polishing pad.
    - Drc1000 3” orange foam cutting pad and M205 used on all black surfaces, chrome and side view mirrors and door jambs.
    - Wax, grease and silicone remover
    - Cleaners: Ameri-Rid, Sonax Full Effect, Revision, 3D Orange Degreaser, Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA), Omni-Clean
    - Coatings: Ceramic Pro 9H, Ceramic Pro Light, Ceramic Pro Strong, Ceramic Pro Sport, G-Techniq Fabric Guard, Ceramic Pro Rain, Black Pearl Gloss
    - 3M De-Nibbing tool for all dust nibs and short deep scratches.
    - Flex 3401 used for all cutting and polishing. Using various speed, pressure and technique.
    - Griot’s 3” orbital polisher
  2. dcohen

    dcohen Member

    Apr 15, 2015
    Weston, Florida
    How much does a job like that cost?
  3. Bulldog Kyle

    Bulldog Kyle Local Vendor - Mountain/Southwest

    Feb 27, 2015
    Arizona, United States
    Hey! @dcohen

    This particular job was about 3 to 4 days in total at around 2500 since we agreed on a monthly maintenance plan. We later went back for a full interior coating/sanitizing and exterior detail for 550 as well.


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