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Associate a Key card with a Driver Profile

from my understanding of a recent update, it indicated it was now possible to associate a particular card with the driver profile. I haven't managed to achieve that. Has anyone here?
I use the card to unlock the car and use "PIN to Drive".

She is considerably shorter than I, and when she drove it last and I get in it starts setting her profile crushing my knees into the dash...:eek:

Similar thing here but using the phone to set the driver profile. Setup my phone for my profile, and wife's phone for her profile. The problem is whenever she drives and puts the car is park it reverts to my setting and she has to change it manually, even if I am nowhere around. (And yes, it is definitely changing it to my profile, which appears to be some default, and it's not the easy access setting which is turned off). Assume the feature is still buggy so we ended up disabling it for the time being.
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