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At West drayton now

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Is there a place to chill and wait/work on a laptop before the pickup time?

Yes ... but its just the edge of the warehouse (decked out with coffee etc. and a divider-screen, and some comfy seats. Its definitely "ok" for wait/work)

They had an M3 parked there and most people seemed to spend the Wait sitting and familiarising / figuring-out everything before the Handover Briefing.

Dunno if it is still as busy - given end of quarter approaching then probably is - they handed over 100 cars there the day I went, so it was a bit like the start of Le Mons in the old days ...
all great, no issues to report. blue is my colour. london traffic unfortunately was terrible. no time to super charge all stalls full with model S or X

group handover took around 15 minutes, I took longer after just going through the checklist high priority items after the initial setup with group.

there was a senior bloke there who was very confused. felt sorry for him as he was asking the tesla lad about navigation and tesla lad was wanting to get the next batch of people in for 16:30

only two out of the eight superchargers had been upgraded with the extra cable for the M3. That’s going to be a problem when lots more M3s hit the road

Tesla have been rolling them out at a prompt rate, more than three quarters of all stalls in the UK are done, but the North West has a number of sites only-partially-done. My expectation is the remainder will be completed within a couple of months. Tesla has done this across the whole of the EU since February ...

Biggest risk in the short term is that naive Model-S/X owners park to charge, and block, the combination-stalls
Biggest risk in the short term is that naive Model-S/X owners park to charge, and block, the combination-stalls
Been there...done that :oops:
Felt like one of those petrol station moments when the car behind asks if you could move on once you've filled. I was ready to rage and say "you can park your bloody M3 in any of the other freespaces, why do you need to park right at the end?"...then it clicked. I smiled, moved up and then had a quick chat with the M3 driver.
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