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Audible thunk/click when going from coasting to accelerating.


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Dec 5, 2014
60,000 on the dash, still under warranty. Never had any noise or driveline slack. In the last few weeks I’ve noticed an audible click and slight thud when it transitions from regen to going. Most noticeable when under 5 mph. I’ve tried flooring it and not flooring it, it’s more noticeable when slowly accelerating. If I had to guess it’s gear mesh or however the motor is bolted up.

My question: take it in, or has anyone else had this issue? It doesn’t happen all the time, so it’s hard to reproduce, so I fear the inevitable, “we couldn’t find a problem”...

If you have a RWD You have an S85, listen for a milling sound at low speeds as well under slight load. Potential for you to get a new Drive unit. Also the clunk could be the axle splines getting some slack in them. If you have an extended warranty those will be covered as well.
Either way, take it in, they will resolve it.
I have experienced this in my 2017. Let us know what they tell you! It happens exactly how you described. I was able to duplicate it several times. The only thing is that there is no noise or noise level increase on mine. Its just that thud when you accelerate from 5-10+ mph or standstill.
I got this too on my '13 S85... got it right around 90K miles.

It corresponded EXACTLY to when I had a DU replacement... however service center maintains that it's play in the axle bearings in the hub.
How long did that take? is there anyway for me to look at it before I take it in?

I guess I could put it in N and jack it up, and try to rotate the rear right tire, since the L tire would hold it against the diff, and determine what the free play is...
$900 half shafts?! Holt $hit. That's a scam. I can do the work myself when I'm out of warranty... but what a scam on that price!

I'm out of warranty March 2019, and it scares the hell out of me - cheaper to total it against a tree than fix it out of warranty!
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