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Audio and Camera Prioritzation Delays in 2019.12.x?


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Sep 22, 2018
Since updating to 2019.12.x I've noted delays in both the rear camera display and interestingly in the audio volume adjustments. I plan on testing this next with the HVAC (specifically with fan speed) next.

Today during my ride home, I noticed a delay of 10 seconds or more between setting the volume (change reflected immediately on the console) and the actual volume from the speakers.

This occurred when raising the volume, as well as lowering the volume. I became aware of it when I thought I had raised the volume, but still could not hear the sound - I eventually, in about 10 seconds increased the volume to max, and I was ultimately presented with a thumping volume that I could not decrease for another 10 seconds.

Oddly, both the camera and audio delays are not a constant thing - they range between almost no delay (100 ms or less) and up to 10 seconds. I have not been able to associate this behavior with anything else going on at the time. I suspect there is some prioritization under load, and that these functions fall lower on the priority list and are only served once the system can get around to it.