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Audio Quality with Youtube.

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Experiment time!!! Ok so I started with listening to Armin van Buuren - Blah Blah Blah over bluetooth with Google Play music app with audio quality set to high in the Play Music app on my Galaxy Note 9, I then switched to the youtube app and listened to the same song, it was the lyrics video here. The audio quality over the Youtube app was noticeable better/different than over bluetooth. Why? Is the youtube app sending audio in 5.1?
So that got me thinking what does Flac audio with a usb drive sound like. So I downloaded Weezer - Teal album and listened to everybody wants to save the world. Ehh while it was louder than over bluetooth it didn't blow me away like how the youtube app did. Next step which I should have done, is listen to Everybody wants to save the world with the youtube app.
Interesting. I didn't actually do an experiment like you did, but while tailgating at a Carolina Hurricanes game the other night, I decided to put up the Rock You Like a Hurricane video on YouTube, and yes, the audio was ridiculously good. The video itself was totally crappy and not synced to the music, leading me to believe that it was probably an unofficial copy (even though it says it's official:
) although maybe this is just indicative of the qualify of videos of the era (they seemed so good watching them on old TVs on MTV in the early 80's!)