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Audio Volume lower after last update?

I have the UHFS and I noticed that I was having to turn the volume up to 6 or 7 to hear the music over the tire noise. Normally I would keep it at a 4 or 5. I went to the EQ settings and now it maxes out at 8.0 am I remembering that it used to be a 10.0 at max on the Eq? just curious if I am the only one I need service or not?

Instead of fiddling around with this they should, after 6(!) years finally offer us a loudness option furthermore based on the speed. Every 15k car offers this standard.
The old, 7.1 fader worked in realtime so You heard what You set. Now since 8 you have to lift Your finger.
What dumb***f**s work at the software and U.I. department?
What a letdown.
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