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Australian Model Y Waiting Room

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Y Performance AWD
Metallic silver with black interior
Ordered 10/6 with Nov '22 to Feb '23 expected delivery

I don't think Perth has it's demo model yet so I'll go test drive once they do

Considering adding FSD later.
Will add a tow ball kit
Changed from Model 3 to Model Y. White with black. Ordered today as soon as I sat in it at Chatswood. Lots more room. Will most likely just remove the aero covers.


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Ordered today as well RWD, White on White.

FWIW, it's highly unlikely we will get the LR, with the exception of China (including HK) that gets all three, every other market seems to only get two variants of the Model Y.
Ordered a Red RWD with induction wheels for my wife this morning. Was on the order page refreshing when it went live and ordered within 2 minutes so hopefully one of the first in line. Wife is not super happy about it yet because even though the plan was for her to get one because she always wants to drive mine. She was wanting to wait until next year for various reasons but I just had visions of the delivery times very quickly slipping to 12 months like the 3 at the moment so ordered straight away. She will come around I’m sure.
Hey all,
Ordered MY RWD white/black 10/06 - eta Aug-Nov.
I have a M3 still ok order which I haven’t cancelled yet. But test driving the MY on the 25th, so I’ll probably cancel it then when I’m certain.
Always wanted the Y but gave up waiting in March this year.