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Australian Range vs Canadian Range

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Newbie here. Just read an article about and also noticed on the Australian Tesla site that the range for an 85D is around 530 km and the Canadian version is 430 km. Can anyone educate me about why this is ? I assume it due to a different methodology for range testing however I find it curious that there would be a 100 km difference. Thanks all.
Looks like Australia uses the European testing cycles, while Canada uses the US EPA cycle. I'm not too familiar with them, but from looking around it sounds like the EPA cycle is much more aggressive, with highway speeds up to 80MPH. The European cycle tops out a bit slower, and the average speed is only 62.6km/h.

If you use the range calculator, the Australian number is roughly what you'd get at a constant 90km/h, whereas the Canadian number is about what you'd get at a steady 110km/h. Speed makes a big difference.