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Auto pilot moving left and right in the lane with huge over correction?


Oct 7, 2019
This is always my issue with autopilot, on every version I've had on my July 2018 Model 3 Performance (HW 2.5, EAP), I feel like the car ends up "swimming" in the lane from left to right and back again. Sometimes it's more pronounced than others but it always seems to reoccur. The actual movement isn't as annoying to me (though it's certainly not ideal!) as the fear it gives me each time that it'll swing outside of the lane and clip a car in the next lane. Maybe I'm just used to driving with a bias towards the right side of the lane, but often when I'm on AP I feel like the car is just too damn close to the lines.


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Apr 27, 2018
+1 Issue is under investigation by Tesla engineers. It's affecting quite a few people while others have no problem. They suspect it may be due to some of the fleet changing over to winter tires that are not balanced/evenly worn (just my guess).

Best is to report this issue with the app to throw your VIN into the affected pool of cars.

Personally, the effect takes hold at highway speeds - starts off gentle and oscillates. Not so bad in bumper to bumper traffic during rush hour.

Use with care and drive the this amazing machine when the road is flowing ;)
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Nov 19, 2019
This 'swimming' effect has been the case on every model 3 I have driven, including two test drive units. As a human that gets motion sickness as a passenger, I find it difficult to use autopilot for any length of time as it is constantly bobbling from right to left at consistent intervals. I liken it to snowboarding, carving up the lane.
I haven't let mine go far enough to be worried about leaving the lane, but it is so annoying I just don't use it. Been this way on my car since taking delivery with 32.something and hasn't gone away with any updates.
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Kisco Kid
Jun 14, 2012
Mt Kisco, NY
+1 Issue is under investigation by Tesla engineers. It's affecting quite a few people while others have no problem. They suspect it may be due to some of the fleet changing over to winter tires that are not balanced/evenly worn (just my guess).

One month ago i had Costco put a set of new Michelin X-Ice on unused takeoff OEM 18s for my 3AWD. Drove perfectly and actually got slightly better mileage than original tires+wheels. This weekend I downloaded 40,2.1 and first drive I immediately noticed weaving on interstate.


Jun 30, 2019
We were using Nav on Auto Pilot this weekend for the first time since the latest software upgrade. It was a busy Saturday night on Los Angeles freeways. The car indicated an imminent lane change to the right. I checked the rear view and side mirrors. There was a vehicle behind in the right lane, but a good 6+ car lengths behind and maintaining distance. The Model 3 began the lane change then abruptly aborted and jerked back into the present lane. It scared the crap out of my wife. So, I turned off Auto Pilot and drover's myself...as is the norm for us. Auto Pilot and NOA are so quirky in our experience on LA freeways that it makes using it nerve wracking.
VERY noticeable regression in holding lane position for me. The ping-pong back and forth is very unsettling. Also, it seems to swerve way too much when it needs to change position due to change of lane layout like a split into 2 lanes or an onramp that disappears forcing the car to move left over to into the right-most lane. Under those circumstances the car swerves so badly I've repeatedly though to myself if a cop was behind me he'd pull me over for suspected intoxication. This is the first update that has been a major step backward for me.

The post above about this being a known issue on a subset of cars is interesting. I do have the winter tire package on (also 2.5HW). Whatever it is, it's almost not usable which is a first.

And unrelated to that seems to be a regression in the front camera where it will suddenly say it's blocked and AP won't work. The first time I was driving into the sun so thought that was the cause, however it has since happened when the glass was clear and the sun was not the cause. So there seems to be a regression on camera processing.

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