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Auto play upon entering with iPhone with Bluetooth and Spotify?

For the life of me I can’t get Spotify to auto play when I enter the car. I’d like it to auto play whatever Spotify played last. If I leave and come back in a small period of time it will auto play, but for longer durations out of the car (guessing the time it take the app background idle to expire) when I return to the car music won’t auto play.

This worked with the native Spotify player in Tesla (premium connection) but not when switching to using Bluetooth and the phone’s Spotify app.

It seems to auto play fine with the Apple Music app though, so I am guessing this is a Spotify app thing. I’ve scoured the app settings and can’t seem to find anything. Pretty sure Spotify auto played fine from the app with my other cars.

Anyone have a better experience in their Tesla using Bluetooth and Spotify?
@stevehollx I have an Android phone so this may be a different issue, but ... My autoplay wasn't working, and I finally figured out the app setting on the Spotify app didn't allow it to run in the background. All I had to do was open the app and it would start playing... duh, because it wasn't in background any more! Does your iPhone have a similar setting?