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Auto-presenting door handles retrofit?

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Hello guys,

Is there a retrofit for this? I have the auto-i=unlock feature, which basically means I can walk up to the car with fob in pocket and tap the door handles to unlock the car.

I am wondering if I am simply missing the fob antenna's and a firmware update in order to enable auto-presenting handles, and similarly auto-locking as I walk away from the vehicle.

I have a 2013 Model S without the tech package, and i've already done the Navigation retrofit which I'm ecstatic about. I also discovered that I have a main wiring harness that apparently travels form the front to the rear of the car, so I am also looking into doing the parking sensor mod, assuming Tesla will sell me the parts and update the firmware to enable the functionality.

Anyone have any info on auto-presenting doorhandles?
Thanks in advance!
I literally made an account to talk to you haha. sorry not sure how best to do it.
I want to do a nav retrofit on my non-tech Model S 13'
I unfortunately cannot answer the door handle question, but i'm also interested in the cost of that.

Could you explain more about that you have the auto-i=unlock? My door handles do not unlock at all, i always have to double click the fob to get it to unlock. i'd love to be able to just push the door handle.
Unfortunately I was not able to get a retrofit for the auto-presenting doorhandles. However, in regards to simply tapping the doorhandle to have them pop-out, I believe it is simply a matter of enabling the feature using the cars touchscreen. I don't remember where that feature is in the settings, and my car is in for service so I cannot check. I believe it is in the section called Security, or something to that effect.
If you are unable to find it, once I get my car back I can check and let you know.