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auto wipers have left me

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so.. just two days ago, it rained a little here in Seattle. Auto wipers kicked on, it stopped raining, but, wipers kept running.
Confused, I turned them off manually on the stock. later during a sunny day, switched my wipers to sensitivity level 2 on the stock and the wipers just turned on to speed 2.. I go into the settings to ensure auto wipers are actually turned on and they are. I turned the setting off and on and still doesn't solve it. Basically what seems to be happening is that the car doesn't recognize the settings are set to auto wipers and kept over riding itself to think its in manual mode. I now have a service appt for it.
I have never heard of anyone having this problem before. I also had my windshield replaced a couple days before this happened so I wonder if that has something to do with it?