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AutoMate app stopped working...


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Sep 4, 2018
A week ago, when the 99c subscription renewed, I noticed AutoMate, the app, stopped working. It has some useful features, including a nice AppleWatch app. What I liked is it mimicked the display, so if your display blanks out, you could possibly use it as a backup, though I haven't ever had to try whether it worked. Also, it had a list of api data that I hadn't seen elsewhere, which is useful.

Sent a msg to the developer, but no answer. And, looking at the AppStore, the developer seems not to have responded at all in the last 4 months.

Anyone else have any luck?
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The developer uses the Testflight app to allow a limited number of users to test beta versions. He has to invite you to install the beta version. When testing is complete, the app is then released. I assume that's how @Mervg was able to install the "updated version".

Still doesn't explain the developer's silence for 5 months.
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