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Automatic Calendar Navigation Not Working

My iPhone’s calendar automatically syncs to my 2019 Raven Model S, but, even though I have automatic navigation turned on in the car settings, the navigation map does not automatically show directions to the next appointment in my calendar when I get into my car. It used to work some time ago, but it seems like it stopped doing it about half a year ago.

Oh and, by the way, the home/work automatic navigation does work. It’s the automatic navigation to calendar appointments (with addresses configured) that no longer works.

My firmware version is 2021.4.15, and I’ve tried rebooting several times, but no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding how I can get this to work again?

Thanks for any help anyone may have!
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I don't use this feature, but it is stored in your driver profile. I have had updates cause selections in my driver profile to be corrupted, and selections changed/lost. After ensuring your calendar is syncing correctly, toggle Controls > Navigation > Automatic Navigation "OFF" and see if the pop-up shows this setting is being saved to your profile. Then toggle it back "ON" to save it back to the profile again as you desire. Maybe this will clear up any possible corruption in the setting.

You can likely test to see if there is an issue with your driver profile by creating an new, additional driver profile, checking the settings, and seeing if this new profile navigates to calendar events. If this doesn't work, this seems the only thing users can change/check on the car. :)
Thank you, DerbyDave, for your suggestions, but unfortunately, none of them worked. If I turn off the automatic navigation, I see it being saved in my profile, and if I turn it back on, it shows it being saved again. But it doesn’t fix the problem. And, even after creating a new profile, the navigation system in the car still does not bring up the address for my next calendar appointment when I get in the car.

As I said in my original post, the automatic navigation works fine for my home and work addresses, but not for the addresses in my calendar.

I have reported this as a “bug report“ many times through the car’s “bug report“ system, so I’m now beginning to wonder if anyone at Tesla listens to those reports.
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