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Autopilot, firmware as of 10/22/2015, Questions


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Nov 10, 2011
When new features are coming out, there's always a flurry of discussion about it right before it comes out. Then there's some beta leak stuff. Guesses before and after that. Then the firmware comes out and even more flurry of activity. Then it dies down. A year late people end up asking how stuff works and like 10 people chime in with different ways of phrasing the answer, and it finally settles on one or two really good descriptions.

This time, I thought it might be fun to try a slightly different tack.

Step 1: Collate questions about how the new feature works.
Step 2: Firmware generally available.
Step 3: Answer questions.
Step 4: Make wiki, iterate on "Q&A" flavors of #1 and #3.

We're currently at step 1 (bolded above) and that is the intent of this thread.

Note that I've chosen tomorrow (10/15, Thursday) as the assumed "Thursday in question" for release of the firmware as per Elon, and then added a weeek (since he said 5d rollout) before we start a new thread to start answering or (more likely) it just becomes mixed into this thread. But anyway, the date is to say "let's focus on the firmware available on 10/22" -- rather than potential revisions between now (10/14) and then.

- - - Updated - - -

The question that inspired this thread:
In the full-dashboard picture, ignoring the power data, note that the car ahead is shown
about halfway out of the lane. Previously, I had not noticed that sideways positioning
of the car-ahead, although I have seen the representation of "our" car move left and
right in the representation of the lane.

Does the lane "curve" on the screen when the steering is rounding a curve in the highway?

If a car is "cutting in", into the space in front of your car, when is it represented on the screen?

Looking forward to tomorrow.
Good idea brianman. Hopefully the new owners manual will be published either before or, more likely, concurrent to the release. At least then we would have an "official" point of reference and terminology.
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