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Autopilot help!

Hi there,

Could someone help me understand how the Autopilot system controls the vehicle. Since I thought the cameras were linked into the CANbus but it doesn't seem like that is the case. Is it the massive screen inside that controls how the autopilot works including taking all the images from the sensors and then controlling the vehicle that way...

I'm doing my dissertation on it and can't find anywhere of a link between the cameras and the CAN bus. if there is any at all. There is nothing on how the system is controlled other than the basic crap on the internet about cameras.
There is a thread here somewhere. There are a handful of seperate CAN busses on the car. The center screen is out if the picture, it can be rebooted while driving.

I think this was one of them -


Lots of reading here.

There are threads on AP1 vs AP2.0 as well. Control shifted from the camera unit to the nvidia supercomputer behind the glove box. Google search is your friend.
What systems does the super computer control and how does it control them? if someone could help that would be amazing

Do you want the answers or a source? Do you want someone to write your dissertation? The answer lies across many threads on this site.

The APE is the gateway. CID is just the display. The IC also displays processed information.

There is a lunitiks thread that explains the wiring.