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Autopilot review after 600+ kms

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Well written review. Thanks.

Autopilot seems to be quite good, but I expect more sensors will be needed before it can handle roundabouts. Specifically, cameras and or radar that can look to the side and back of the car to detect traffic in the roundabout prior to entering it.

Looking elsewhere on the linked blog, I also liked the accessories you added to your S. They look very sharp.

"I've tried it several times and it just does not seem to know what a roundabout is"

It's an American car designed in California. What did you expect?? :p

Most Americans on the west coast can't even deal with a roundabout properly. In fact the hardest part about a couple roundabouts near me isn't dealing with the roundabout, but dealing with other drivers who either don't yield when entering or they yield when they're in it.

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I'm definitely in agreement with wish list on this review.

Especially when it comes to needing to know the supercharger status. Not only how busy it is, but verification that all stalls are working properly. Not only that, but when you're a few minutes away from the charger it should tell you which charger stall you should pick based on the current charging status of the cars there. Obviously one would prefer to be paired with someone about to leave versus being ending up paired with someone who just got there. Plus most owners don't seem to know about the paired stalls. They have no idea what 1A,2A,1B,2B, etc means. Tesla didn't help by having some superchargers setup with 1A,1B,2A,2B (the proper way) and some setup with 1A,2A,1B,2B (the nonsense way).

I've love for it not only to have independent brightness controls for the two LCD's, but to also have the ability to turn off the 17inch LCD. Where if I touched the LCD would turn back on for a minute or two. The reason is there are times where I want a nice clean look without anything that isn't essential to be on.

In terms of things being too bright the only thing that really bugs me is the occasional popup window when the navigation is on. The popup that tells us which lane to be in if it's the lane we need to exit on, or if a lane exits to let us know not to be in that one. It's helpful information, and I want a popup. The only problem is it's too bright at night, and I end up having to lower the brightness of the LCD because of it. There needs to be a nightmode version of it.
In my country we have roundabouts within roundabouts.


Hi everyone - I've now driven on autopilot for a whole week and here's a short review: My Â*Autopilot and Â*V 7.0 Review after Â*600 kmÂ* - "My blog

Excellent review and as far as roundabouts are concerned the camera and radar do not have a wide enough FOV (Field of View) to see in this scenario. Hopefully a future implementation will completely fix this ;)

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In my country we have roundabouts within roundabouts.

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This will haunt my dreams
AP has worked really great for me in traffic and gives me a much needed break on long drives. But I have noticed that at speed while riding in the #1 lane, AP tends to want to take me off the highway all the time when approaching exits. I started to pay closer attention to AP on the dash and it seems to favor the right lane markings. When they open up for an exit the car tends to want to exit to follow the lane. It could be slightly dull marking here in California roads but i avoid using AP on the #1 lane.