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Autopilot Roadtrip! Seattle to Portland

We recently took autopilot for a test drive from Seattle to Portland. For the most part, the system performed flawlessly, doing 95% of the driving by itself. It occasionally was distracted by the exit ramps, as we all know. And if you use it as Tesla prescribes, a tool for highway driving, it's a great asset to have on board. And during the driving, it's amazing how often other human drivers violate the lane markings, to the point of requiring intervention to get your own car out of harms way.

The point is, use it properly, enjoy it, and be safe. #jetsonliving

Tesla Autopilot Roadtrip Seattle to Portland - YouTube
I have driven that road many times in my Tesla. Wonderful video and soundtrack. It's *almost* enough to make me want to upgrade my classic VIN 6XXX, esp after a just completed 3,200 mile loop around the northern Rockies! Can you imagine what will be in store for us in six years or so when it IS upgrade time for me? I cannot wait. Go TESLA!!

Original door handles, drive train, no squeakiness in Pano and dash, original batteries, 246 max miles (range mode).
Tesla replaced wheels (rust, bad original paint) and GPS module, 2 twelve volt batteries.
Middle of battery degradation curve, with approx. 50% SC charging, 60% daily charge.
Sequoia green!!
36,000 miles of LOVE


To hell with CR.
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Cool! "The best brains in this country are going all out to make driving safer." How true :). Think Elon would like that, why doesn´t someone tweet it, I bet he would retweet.

Then again: "...electricity is a product that cannot be stored." :confused: When were those lyrics written?!
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