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Autopilot: swinging left and right

My LR AWD 18" wheels with 10K miles (2019.28.3.1, Autopilot, no FSD) recently had a new tire installed on the rear driver side due to the acoustic foam issue. It was replaced at the tesla service center. Couple of days after the installation, the car started swinging left and right in autopilot mode trying to keep the car in the middle of the lane. The swinging is so bad that I had to stop using the autopilot and revert to TACC. I also observed that the TPMS shows the front passenger tire has 54psi and rest at 49psi. But the tire gauge shows all tires at 49psi.

I am not sure if the swinging is caused due to the new tire on the rear driver side, or something wrong with the front passenger side as the TPMS indicates a high PSI.

Any ideas on the source of the issue? Thank you.
Obviously, get the pressures checked, and I would check the alignment. Why did you get a new tire? Hit something? That could easily knock that wheel out of alignment.

As mentioned in the OP, I checked using a pressure gauge, all tires read 49psi. However, the TPMS on the screen shows a higher number for the front passenger side tire.

The rear driver side tire was replaced because the acoustic form came loose.
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