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Autsralian 55MPH Stealth Bomber Snow White Electric Motorcycle/Bike with Custom Green

Autsralian 55MPH Stealth Bomber Snow White Electric Motorcycle/Bike with Custom Green


CELL PHONE NUMBR is 956-517-5387, CALL ME ANYTIME for OFFERS, Last EBAY Posting since I can't put in Motorcycle listing anymore since it is a Electric Bike, so LAST TIME I will SELL IT on EBAY BEFORE Selling to someone for a offer they made me.

2015 B52 5200 Watts Stealth Bomber Newest Class Model, older Stealth Bomber models were 4500 watts from 2012 to 2014 at 50 MPH.

9000$ TO BUY IT NOW, I LOWER RESERVED BIDDING, Buyer is paying shipping or perhaps can do free shipping for right price.

Elon Musk owns Tesla Motors which builds Electric Cars like Roadster, Model S, Model X but he publicly said that Stealth Company which makes the world fastest Electric Bikes are a Amazing Electric Revolution in Tech Battery Power at 5.2 Kilowatts for Electric Bikes which in part can be used together with Model X as a addition for more Eco Friendly Insane Mode of Extreme Workouts placing it inside the Car for family trips, only 626 Stealth Bombers had been hand built so far since 2012 starting with my # number, so not too many are for sale around the world, so own my bomber at a fraction of the price of ordering a one new at 11,000$ retail price taking 4 weeks to 6 weeks, like around 2 months to be built from scratch, my bike is yours now at a fraction of price without waiting for one too!

This Stealth Bomber comes with "Green Custom Pedals" which are super fast, smooth, Green Custom Pedals are way more powerful, faster speed than using regular pedals, 2015 Stealth Bomber Green Custom Snow White Fame, with Green Paint on Rims and Pedal only, awesome color to match Helmet too, so this is a extremely fast workout without needing A DRIVER License or CAR INSURANCE to use.

This is my Stealth Bomber Electric Bike. I purchased the bike brand new May of this year. If you know anything about Stealth bikes, they are from Australia, the Stealth Bomber is the fastest most powerful production electric bike made. Typical waiting time for one of these bikes is around get this one and it costs a ton to get it to your door in the U.S. I love everything about this bike. I waited a long time to get it and everything about it exceeded my expectations. Unfortunately an at work injury is forcing the sale of this bike. The bike is in practically showroom condition. The bike is still covered under full warranty from Stealth. Production number for the bike is 626. The bike has the newest stealth computer with a larger screen and better user interface which is unique to this 2015 models. The bike was only used for many short trips in my neighborhood and a couple rides at a local trail set. It has been extremely babied and maintained and indoor stored. Bike comes with charger and manuals. Please email me any questions. Buyer responsible for shipping or Bike is can be local pick up in Texas too for free, but will be able to ship with original huge wooden box that it shipped worldwide from Australia to US, I can do shipping anywhere far away in USA for around 575$, so BUY IT NOW FOR 9000$ or make BEST Offer, I am Switching Instead to a Electric Motorcycle!

List Date: 8/9/2015
Location: Brownsville, Tx

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On Sale For: $9,575.00 (Local Pickup Only)