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Aventon Sinch E-bike fits perfectly in trunk

I recently purchased an Aventon Sinch folding e-bike, and wanted to let y'all know that it fits perfectly in the trunk/lower hold of my 2017 MS. Obviously the lower hold lid needs to be removed, but the parcel lid completely closes as does the rear hatch. The only think you need to do is lower the seatpost and rotate it 180 degrees. ROADTRIP TIME!
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Can you post a picture please? I can't quite picture how far it sticks up above the floor. I was thinking if I get my wife a foldable that I might fit both it and my Evelo Aroura limited in the back. Seats folded and parcel lid removed. Buying a rack and installing a hitch mount sounds like a fools errand? I've seen some posts of others going that route and it didn't sound good.
My son has the Aventon Sinch and he loves it. It's a beautiful bike and the welds are so smooth. He's trying to get the updated module so it can take off without pedaling first, but it's currently out of stock. It fits perfectly in the trunk of his Hyundai Ioniq BEV. Me, my wife and daughter have the Super73s so I have a RAC rack that can fit them in the back of the Model X. The Super73 Z1 fits perfectly on the Model S laying down, once you fold the rear seats.
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