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AWD delivery thread

What do you mean exactly by "Tesla stopped doing ACH/wire transfers"? Do you mean the don't do them at all anymore? If so, do you now what changed? I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else and I'm surprised nobody else has asked about it. When we bought our previous cars from Tesla, we paid via ACH. I haven't needed to use checks (or go to a physical bank) for anything in years.

No, Tesla and my bank stopped doing them. I don’t know why, nor do I care. If my d!p$h!t guy in Las Vegas didn’t sit around with his thumb in his @$$ with my paperwork all of this could have been avoided.
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Nov 5, 2015
Moyock, NC
The primary reason I got the Advanced Prius Plugin was the Radar Cruise Control. I was driving 100mi/day and it was invaluable, right up until you realize rather than doing 65 you're done to 55 because the guy in front of you is.
Yeah that is a double edged sword right there.... I also spent the time readjusting my sense of speed compared to the Volt. Stabbing the go pedal brings bigger smiles in the 3 than the Volt. :D


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Jul 11, 2018
Killingly, CT
Yeah that is a double edged sword right there.... I also spent the time readjusting my sense of speed compared to the Volt. Stabbing the go pedal brings bigger smiles in the 3 than the Volt. :D
Funny you mention that. My test drive in the S was funny in I know coming from the Prius punching the accelerator, my fear was, would slam me into Jersey Barrier. I so wanted to punch it!
Just received a call from Tesla (Nevada phone number). I am now scheduled for a September 9 delivery at the Dania Beach, Florida facility. So, within approximately a 10 hour window of time I saw that my "Edit Design" link had disappeared, the payment method changed to yellow ellipses, I completed the loan application, I was approved through Wells Fargo Bank, and the IDA telephoned me to confirm my information and provide a delivery date.


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Sep 21, 2013
West Vancouver, British Columbia
I’m on trip in Northern California and today while driving the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt Redwoods State Park I spotted a silver Model 3. It pulled off and parked so of course I parked right next to it to congratulate the owners and get their impression of the car. The love it, their first Tesla, took delivery about a week ago and it is a Dual Motor! They reserved sometime in mid 2017 and configured less than two months ago. They live in central California (I am obscuring their details to protect their privacy) and were on their first long distance trip, to Oregon. Got used to the center screen display “in minutes”, are impressed by the range, and are really enjoying the car. Already talking about getting another one to replace their ICE.


Jul 12, 2018
I will say, I think the process they are using to match cars to customers/reservation holders is leaving potential money on the table for Tesla. If it meant I could get my car now, I would add sport wheels and change from silver to white or red paint instantly. Boom, they could make $2k extra. Then they could make more in those configs and just find homes for them. Kinda how they are giving test drives if you would consider going up to a Performance. That is also how all other manufacturers do it, they make more of the cars with a few extra options and you just end up buying the one with those options because it's on the lot. I kinda would like a bit of surprise to the delivery, as long as it's not a major defect ;-)


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Mar 26, 2012
Scottsdale, AZ
Reservered: 3/31 line waiter
Ordered: 6/27 (while having dinner at a restaurant)
Red, Non-P AWD
Edit button gone ever since I completed all the info
Asked (online) to confirm all the info a week later
Order vehicle agreement states:
Order placed with electronically accepted terms:6/26/2018

Called Tesla today for an update. No VIN yet but was told I should hear from my IDA any day now as it has been almost 8 weeks

Fingers crossed. Very little news from AZ so far (one exception). I know the Tempe delivery center is very busy so I guess very few people are updating this thread.


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Dec 30, 2012
We were in the same boat as many here, having put down our increased deposit and hearing nothing at all, with no move in the Sept-Oct delivery estimate on Tesla’s site. Today we got email out of the blue confirming that our vehicle is “almost ready for shipment.”

Relevant details for reference:

We’ve been Model S owners since December 2012. We placed our initial $1000 deposit on 3/31/2017 when the web site came up that evening (not line waiters.) We were invited to configure back on 1/4/2018 but elected to wait for AWD. Nothing further until 6/27 when the floodgates opened for everyone, and we increased our deposit shortly after noon Pacific time over lunch.

No delivery date set yet, but presumably we’ll know fairly soon. Our order is a Midnight Silver Metallic AWD with the default 18” wheels. No performance, no assisted driving features outside the default package.

I called because I originally said no trade but now I'm considering trading in my BMW (lease return scheduled for December, but the numbers look like I would save a whole bunch of sales tax and qualify for an extra $3,000 rebate from MD if I trade - depends on the trade-in offer of course). I wanted to make sure I was still able to add a trade with with where I am in the process.

The rep on the phone was extremely nice and informed me I have a VIN assigned and the vehicle is "ready for transport to the compound" which means through production and on to quality checks...

He also said I have an IDA assigned and gave me his name and should expect a call in "days".

I made sure to thank him profusely. :)

We (Jard and I) got an email from our ISD this morning.

Hello ShannonOh,

My name is Cory and I work with our Model 3 support team. I am very excited to share the good news that your Model 3 is finishing with production.

In order to make this process as seamless as possible, we do need the following information to begin your delivery checklist and for your preferred terms to be confirmed in your Tesla Account:

  1. Please confirm the name of the person/parties who the car will be registered under and the registration address. *if not already complete* Driver’s License pictures (front and back) will be uploaded on your Tesla Account.

  1. If you will be paying cash, Tesla Financing, or 3rd party financing.
**Should you be going with 3rd party lending, please list the lienholder name and address as well as how much you will be financing. *link to apply for Tesla lending is now open in your Tesla Account*

  1. If you have a vehicle that you would like to trade-in?
*link to submit self-inspection for trade in is now open*

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out!

We responded immediately. Looking good...early Sept delivery?
Just received a call tonight and schedule delivery for Sep 8. Totally was not expecting to get a call this soon given my reservation date.

Reserved: 8/27/2017
Ordered / configured: 6/29/2018
Black/Black, Non-P AWD, EAP, Aero wheels
Jacksonville, FL
Well geez, surprised there’s so many 2017 reservations already, that’s when I reserved — July 2017.
Non-owner, New Jersey
Day-1 in store reservation (5:15 PM ET)
Original invite: April 10, 2018
AWD configuration email: June 26th
Ordered: June 30th (7:00 PM ET)
LRDM (non-P), Multi-Coat Red, 18’’ Aero, Black Interior, no EAP
Estimated Delivery: Sep – Nov ‘18

Filled out registration, driver’s license, insurance and payment method (credit union loan) on July 1st. Nothing changed at all until this evening when I changed my payment method to cash. [Side note: I decided to use LightStream which is cash as far as Tesla is concerned.] After clicking through some confirmation text about payment, my edit button disappeared and my “Next Steps” changed to; “We are drafting up your contract and will contact you when you can make your final payment.”

I guess Tesla is prioritizing cash deliveries even over independent loans which is interesting because Tesla gets paid up front either way.

Got the call today!
VIN: 5YJ3E1EBXJF0545##
The earliest delivery date was Sept 6th, but I may be out of town that week so I pushed it out a few days.

Edit: FYI - nothing's changed on the website. No VIN, even when doing the Developer Console trick.

Edit #2: I take that back. One thing has changed. Below my reservation number, there is new text that shows my scheduled delivery appointment.
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It's Not Easy Being Green
Jul 31, 2018
Config: AWD (NON-P), OBM, EAP, Aero, Black Interior

  • Reserved: 3/31/16 (In-Store PST AM) (Non-Owner)
  • Invited: 4/10/18
  • Configured: 7/12/18
  • Edit #1: 7/23/2018 (Changed to White Interior)
  • Edit #2: 7/24/2018 (Changed back to Black Interior)
  • Lost Edit Button: Between 8/10/18 and 8/13/18
  • Applied for Loan: 8/13/18 (Late Night)
  • Loan Approval: 8/14/18 (Early Morning)
  • Email from IDA: 8/14/18 (Afternoon)
  • Scheduled Delivery w/IDA: 8/15/18
  • VIN Assigned: NA
  • Delivery Scheduled for: 8/24/18


Apr 17, 2017
must be the white interior and 19's that is holding my order back then, and my old 5/2017 reservation date.

I would have though tesla would be prioritizing loaded AWD's (EAP, FSD 19's White interior), due to them wanting to make the highest profits. Oh well, still trying to sell my truck anyways to add to the down payment.
I hear you. Same configuration. Reserved 4/2016. Haven’t heard a word from Tesla.

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