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Awww crap, I painted my Calipers

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Dec 30, 2017
When I woke up this morning to a flat tire. I thought " since I have to remove to the tire to be repaired I may as well paint the calipers and brake rotors." So after Discount Tire did the repair I stopped by the local Automotive store and purchased 4 cans of brake cleaner, 2 can of red caliper paint, 2 cans of black engine paint and 2 cans of engine clear coat. The decals I had a friend make for me. Total cost was about $50 for everything

Was this spray paint or a brush application?

I’ve been thinking about doing this as well but don’t want to remove the calipers - want to paint while attached. For that the brush option seemed best to me I am guessing? Less prep needed.

Would love anyone’s thoughts on the above
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He did paint the rotors. Looks like he did those in black. Looks very good as my P100D obviously has the red calipers but the grey rotors have always bothered me.
its a DANGEROUS idea to paint your rotors they need to be uncontaminated bare metal surface for the brake pads to work properly. If you really want dark rotors you need carbon ceramic brake disks check out unpluged performance for an upgrade kit!! Unplugged Performance Superlight Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit for Model S
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To retain the fluid just turn the brake line upwards, I also put a balloon tied with a rubber band over the end so no fluid dripped out as I work on the brakes.

The calipers must be absolutely clean before painting. For me it is easier to remove them to make sure they are clean plus I could inspect the brake pads to see if they needed replacing.

Yes I painted the rotors but not the surface where the brake pad are applied. That is just overspray. Once the Brake are used the over spray will rub off (No big deal). I have a very long history in working on ICE engines and motorcycles. One of my rotors is making a slight squeaking sound and low speed braking so I will re-season all of the rotors anyway while I have the tires off.
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