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Backlight Bleeding watching Netflix

Do you have any Backlight Bleeding

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As V10 starts to roll out to the majority of TM3 owners I think we're going to be seeing a lot more Backlight bleeding "issues".

How does your backlight bleeding look, do you have any at all?

Post pictures :)
So the Netflix startup screen is all black with a small Netflix logo in the center. This screen will make it super easy to detect backlight bleeding if it's there. I didn't really notice if mine was an issue or not. Not sure how relevant that is when actually watching something though. I thought the picture when watching shows was great, and I'm not even giving it a break because it's a screen in my car. Next thing you know people are going to be complaining that you can't do a proper color calibration on the screen or something.

It's pretty wild that Tesla went through with adding this feature at all. It's pretty funny seeing people's reactions when they walk by your car and notice you watching a movie.
Complete garbage. I’m not even able to use my CalMAN software to properly calibrate the screen in my car! I’m seeing slight blooming and also no HDR10, no Dolby Vision and no Dolby ATMOS. Unacceptable!!
When I purchased this car I was promised a videophile quality display for watching movies and tv shows!!
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The backlight bleeding in mine is pretty bad. Do you think it is enough to contact a service center. The car is only a few weeks old.


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Some would classify this as at typical thirdworld problem.

Tesla has perhaps the best video screen in the world, yet some...

Not particularly helpful. Tesla does not "perhaps" have the best video screen in the world. It's a regular 15" IPS panel, at 1920x1080 resolution. There's precisely zero things remarkable about the screen itself - save for it being in a car.
Wow just when I think I have read the most trivial thing to complain about in a car I get to the “The display in my Tesla is sub par for watching movies” thread. Lol. If we are going to complain let’s talk about the speaker system not being a 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos certified system. Oh the humanity!!!!