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Backup Camera dark at night

Last Fall, I had the displays and CPU upgraded in my 8 year old model S. The first time I backed out of the garage, I noticed that the rear camera image was much more vivid than I remembered. It was a few weeks before I was driving after dark and noticed that I could hardly see anything on the backup camera. At night, the image is so dark that I could easily have backed into another car in the parking lot! I contacted service and they were no help. I finally got before and after pictures by contacting another owner who has not done the upgrade. Mobile service came out with a new camera, but we found it was no better and did not do the install.
Is there any way to get the software back to the performance I had before? It seems to me that a software engineer changed the camera image to higher contrast and destroyed the night vision.
This has been reported and discussed many time: yes, backup camera at night is great with MCU1, but once you have MCU2 it's average to mediocre. There seems to have been a SW update earlier last year that improved it a bit to some, but like you, to me it's very dark and lost usefulness in dark areas. It's indeed a software issue, not sure if it will ever be really addressed.