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Bad Timing

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I got my invitation to configure a few weeks ago which was a thrill. Unfortunately, I’m in a difficult position with some unexpected financial commitments (family priorities).

Would someone be kind enough to summarize the status of federal rebate probability if I try to wait?

Do I have any other practical options beside forfeiting my place in line and recovering my original deposit?

Thanks in advance for the thoughts.
Invitation to configure does not mean you have to. You can maintain your place in line and wait until the time is right for you. Once you order, you'll pay a non-refundable $2500. So at that point, you need to commit.

State of $7500 credit is unknown right now. Tesla will either hit 200k vehicles this quarter, or next quarter. Whichever quarter it hits it in, the next one will still get the credit if the car is delivered by the end of the quarter. So if Tesla hits 200k before July 1, then you have to get the car delivered by Sep 30 to get the full $7500. If Tesla hits 200k July 1 or later, then you have until Dec 31st to get the car delivered to still get the $7500.
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