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Baltimore Service Center damaged my interior door and is refusing to pay for it


Jul 31, 2017
I first want to say I love my Model 3 Performance with a PASSION. Not a day goes by that I don't doubt this is the best car for this price/performance/fun/commute etc.

Now the fun part:

I brought my Model 3 Performance into the Baltimore service center for 4 things

1) Rear Driver door rattle (Inside of locking mechanism), they said it was an "emergency cable/link" and a "customer pay item". They can replace the door locking mechanism if I pay but they do not guarantee the sound will go away.
2) Front Passenger door clicking on hinge when opening (Replaced hinge "strap" under "goodwill" policy)
3) Bluetooth is echoing for the person that I am calling. Anyone I call cannot hear me, there is an echo and it's incredibly hard to not have your ears bleed trying to listen to me talk in the car. I have tried multiple phones in multiple areas. (Charged me $87.50 and said nothing was wrong, works normally)
4) HW3 Installation (installed and no issues)

All the *sugar* that's broken now:

#1 I immediately on pickup noticed that my rear driver side interior door was scuffed and dented. It’s also missing the rubber bottom inside the door well also. It’s clear the door was removed and thrown aside as i was notified the interior trim would need to be replaced as the tech's noted that was the source of the rattle. It didn’t seem like the issue was even known by the techs and they were “guessing” at the noise I was hearing and don’t know what I was talking about even though I showed a tech on arrival and texted about it. I also remembered that I replaced all the puddle lights in my doors with bright one's from Abstract Ocean. I then opened all my doors and noticed that the rear driver's side door's puddle light isn't the upgraded one it's dim and the factory Teala one. Clearly this is not my door panel and they swapped it with another one.

#2 I am LIVID about damage to my front left quarter panel. I cleaned my car prior to bringing into service. These were not there before service and I advised the service center to investigate what caused this. This is completely unacceptable to have damage like this during routine service. How does this happen during routine service?

#3 Driver door sill plate dented on the bottom.

Tesla's response:
- We talked to the tech's and they said they pulled the panel off and were ordering another panel because mine was "beat up". Not because they thought it was the source of the rattle. I have texts from the service center showing they said the interior door trim piece to fix the rattle. They deny all responsibility and saw that all the *sugar* that is broken is "not possible it was us". They offered to goodwill replace the door sill/scuff plate and to pay for 1/2 the labor + parts on the interior trim piece ($500 total -- I pay $250.00). I asked for the regional manager's contact information and they wouldn't give it to me. The only contact information on Tesla's website is for buying cars.

I am flabbergasted, my hands went numb during the phone call (never happened before), I felt sick to my stomach. I don't know what to do. I have money I am not poor I can afford $250.00 but this is the stupidest ****ing *sugar* that I have dealt with at Tesla.


thanks for making it this far! I am sorry


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Active Member
Dec 19, 2019
That is disgusting to hear. What would I do? Raise hell and keep doing so until everything is fixed.That does seem to be the way Tesla’s SC culture is designed. They are unreasonable and hope you accept it but if you don’t, they cave in.


Nov 21, 2015
Birmingham, AL
Your experience is what concerns me about ownership. Not only have I heard negative comments about service, I also live two and a half hours from a service center. I am sure many auto companies have issues like this. However, with a dealer network, one can reach the manufacturer's customer service line, and the last thing a dealer wants are complaints to the manufacturer. Every time I take one of our ICE cars in for service or a repair, I get a survey. Dealer will tell me....if there is any reason not to rate us five stars please let us know. I was under the impression that Tesla was extremely committed to quality and customer satisfaction. I purchased my M3 about four weeks ago. I have a very minor problem, but no solution (I get a year's free streaming, and I was logged out and cannot log back in). Your issue is very serious. If Tesla continues to treat people this way, the plaintiff lawyers are going to have a field day. I can see class action suits coming. Your experience actually makes me angry that they aren't being truthful and they won't take care of it. It comes back to if you want good service after the sale, buy a car from a con corporate or family owned dealer. Wow.....your story really makes me wonder if I made a good decision. I hope you get your problem solved and solved properly. Please keep us up to date as to what happens.


Jul 31, 2017
mafpolo- try to log into the streaming service with your tesla.com username and password. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Tesla continued to deny responsibility and saying “it’s not possible this was caused by us”. They checked other rear interior doors in the building and said they are all beat up. Since I can’t provide evidence of the condition when I brought the car in, I am sh*t out of luck.

I have no way to contact corporate so I asked for them to schedule mobile service to come replace the interior panel and door sill for $250.00

I will say that I have not had any issues with mobile service.

Once again - I believe this is the greatest car on earth for me and I love it to death lol. Track mode v2 update was just installed!


Nov 21, 2015
Birmingham, AL
I tried logging in with my Tesla login, but it did not work either. I called customer service, and the person I spoke with said, "we are having a glitch, but we will have it fixed soon, and the fix will be sent to your car." It is strange that I cannot search for anything, but my favorites still work. Good thing I added favorites.


Nov 21, 2018
Northern CA
OP - My experiences are similar to yours. Mobile service has been excellent and I have no complaints at all. Visits to the SC are a different story. My steering wheel was offset to the right and I made an appointment at the SC. They performed an alignment and I noticed the next day the SC had either curbed my left front wheel or damaged it during the alignment procedure. During the HW3 upgrade, the CS left grease marks on the white seats. Luckily, I had applied a ceramic coat to the seats and the grease easily came off with no staining. Nothing as bad as your experience, but I can relate....

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